Dakine Gloves Protect Your Hands From The Cold During Your Favorite Winter Activities

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Many people enjoy winter for the activities in which they can participate. Skiing and snowboarding bring a rush to those that enjoy speed. In cold weather, hands and fingers need protection from the elements. Dakine gloves provide warmth and dryness so you can get the most enjoyment from your trip.

Dakine, a well-known manufacturer of outdoor products, started in 1979 in Maui Hawaii. Rob Kaplan, an avid surfer, designed a surfboard leash to keep his board close after a fall. The product was popular and the company grew quickly. In 1986, the company relocated to Hood River Oregon where they began creating additional products for outdoor activities. In June 2008, Billabong acquired Dakine and continued to develop products under the brand.
Backpacks are possibly their signature product. However, their lines also include luggage, apparel, gloves and more for men, women and children. Dakine gloves for skiing, snowboarding, biking and surfing come in a variety of styles, sizes and colors to handle virtually any conditions one may encounter.
Gloves are designed to protect hands and fingers. Cold weather gloves need to not only keep hands warm but also keep water from getting through. Warmer weather gloves for biking and windsurfing need to grip handlebars and ropes without slipping or blistering and chafing the palms.
Gloves have been around for centuries. In the past, they were made from natural materials like wool, cotton leather and even metal. For the most part, they were able to keep hands warm in cold weather and provide protection from injury. One problem with natural materials however, is once wet they have a tendency to retain moisture. They stay wet and heavy and take a long time to dry. Wetness is a major factor in hands being cold.
Advancements in technology have provided materials that keep water away from the skin. Depending on the weave of the material and what is applied to them, these materials are waterproof, water resistant or water repellant. Many outdoor products from tents to jackets to boots and gloves use these materials. People are able to stay warmer and drier for a more pleasurable experience.
In addition to keeping water out, insulation in Dakine gloves forms pocket of warm air and allows natural moisture to escape. Man made materials inside a glove do not retain water thus allowing more warmth and lighter weight. A number of models include a liner glove for additional warmth. The liner is removable and can be worn in less severe weather.
Dakine gloves for skiing and snowboarding come in two styles, fingered and mitts. Fingers provide for more dexterity while mitts tend to be warmer since they have less surface area. Cuffed versions of these popular lines keep snow from getting inside the glove or jacket so you can enjoy your time during your favorite activities.
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Dakine Gloves Protect Your Hands From The Cold During Your Favorite Winter Activities

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Dakine Gloves Protect Your Hands From The Cold During Your Favorite Winter Activities

This article was published on 2011/12/10