Using of Weightlifting Gloves

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Hand contact is the basis for weightlifting and without the right equipment, it is difficult to lift or use the machines, not to mention the higher odds of hand injury. Weightlifting gloves come in a variety of sizes and designs: they protect the lifter's hands against blisters and callouses, not to mention that they increase the power of the grip significantly. Moreover, gloves prevent excessive hand dryness and skin cracking associated with weightlifting training.

Another good part about wearing weightlifting gloves is the protection you insure for the entire hand, not just for the skin. Did you know that weightlifting gloves reduce the pressure on the wrists? Thus, you could reduce the risks of developing joint problems due to weightlifting. Finally, one more benefit worth mentioning here is the superior quality of the grip. During hard work it is only normal to sweat a lot. Sweat makes the barbells and the dumbbells feel slippery, and this is something you can't afford during an exercise.

Weightlifting gloves are usually manufactured from neoprene or leather. Leather gloves let the skin breathe a lot better, yet they are more likely to bunch up. On the other hand, neoprene provides more padding and is more resistant to intensive usage. Pay attention to the size of the gloves because they ought to be a perfect match. Try the gloves before purchasing, because that's the best way to know how you feel with them on. Online orders have the major downside that you can't test the product yourself before buying.

Neoprene is actually great for moisture prevention, but you should always wear leather if you lift a very heavy set of weights. The way to close the weightlifting gloves matters too because enclosure could sometimes be a major cause of discomfort that impairs training. The main designs use velcro glove enclosure that has a very easy open-close feature, not to mention the strong fit. Slip-on glove enclosure is more suitable for a casual weightlifter than for a professional athlete.

Weightlifting gloves are available in four major size categories: small, medium, large and extra large. Some online tips claim that you can use the correspondence feet-hands to know just what size is right for you. For instance, small gloves match size 7-9 in shoes, medium gloves correspond to size 9-10, large gloves have a match in size 10-12 shoes and extra large gloves go with anything that is above size 12 footwear.

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Using of Weightlifting Gloves

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This article was published on 2011/07/06